• Irisgem Diamonds

    Life is full of special moments.

    Moments which deserve to be remembered in a very special way. And only IrisGem Diamond can perpetuate these mementoes in a unique and special way.

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  • Memory Diamonds

    A life full of memories, which you will always carry with you.

    The secret is in the human hair. Specifically in the carbon of which human hair is composed and which is the heart of this special and exclusive diamond.

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Irisgem Diamond

All diamonds are unique. But only one is special. Special because you have given life to it. Because it is part of you. Because it is yours.

IrisGem diamonds are real diamonds, which are formed by the same process carried out by Nature, but with a feature that makes them really special: You can choose the origin of its fundamental component, namely the carbon source that will give life to it.

The IrisGem diamonds are designed for people who want to make the best moments of their lives truly unforgettable.

People who need to show their feelings in a different way.
Who love and are beloved. Who believe that gratitude as well as admiration, love and respect deserve the highest value.



  • With a Baby diamond, we have found a unique way to enjoy the very special memory of the birth of our son. A true proof of love for the fruit of our union. Maria wears it set in a pendant.María y Jorge

  • We have been together for 35 years. 35 years loving each other like on the very first day. And this has to remain forever in the memory of our children. For our 40th anniversary we are going to have another two diamonds.Isabel y Mario

  • My passion is FC Santos soccer Club. I have T-Shirts, pins, posters ... everything you can get. And now I have the most valuable piece: A diamond made from the grass of the football field. I always wear it. It brings me good luck.Fàbio da Silva

  • Thanks to the Memory Diamond, I have found a way to keep alive the memory of my beloved husband. I feel him still beside me; I have a part of him very close to me. And that makes me happy.Carmen Ruiz

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