About our company

The origin of IrisGem/ Instituto de Monocristales dates back to 2001.

A high-tech company, dedicated to R&D activities and based in Spain, which was founded with the ambitious goal of developing a new process for creating Lab grown diamonds following the same process as nature does: Carbon crystallization under high pressure and high temperature.(HPHT)

The development of this and other necessary processes to ensure the treatment of the carbon source, origin of the diamond, growth, quality and color, obtained the expected success and lead to worldwide leading technology to produce Lab Grown diamonds for Gem- and scientific application.

The company possesses under the name of Irisgem market knowledge and sales in several countries (direct and through distributors) mainly for Bio-diamonds, but also for Gem diamonds.

After being patented in September 2005, marketing of bio-diamonds begins, according to our philosophy of innovation, developing new technology and new processes to create human and environmentally sustainable diamonds.



IrisGem diamonds are an exclusive creation of IRISGEM Diamond and are covered by all their guarantees.

Guarantee of origin
This certificate proves the origin of the carbon that gives life to the diamond. It is accompanied by filming the process of receiving and carbonization of the hair or organic material provided for the creation of the IrisGem diamond.

Gemological guarantee
Issued by a prestigious gemological laboratory, which documents the authenticity, weight and size of the diamond.



IrisGem has protected various processes of creating diamonds and products through national and international patents:

  • - Protection of the product and the diamond growth process.
  • - Protection of the high temperature and high pressure machines.
  • - Protection of the carbon obtention and IrisGem diamond creation process.
The Technology

The Technology

Instituto de Monocristales (IM) has demonstrated expertise in producing high quality lab grown diamonds by using production know-how owned by IM and its own patented technology for the creation of synthetic monocrystals.

Likewise, IM has the capacity and the know-how to make the necessary adaptations and modificacions to Cubic Press machines to produce Lab Grown Diamonds.

Both, Growth Process and Growth Cell are patented in many countries.

The License

The License

The Know How of Instituto de Monocristales as an R&D company is available to interested companies through a Collaboration and Licensing Agreement for Manufacturing and Sales of Lab Grown Diamonds.

The License includes all necessary technology, Know How and training to enable the Licensee to use the above mentioned production technology and process Know How and produce the Lab Grown Diamonds at its own premises in a determined time frame.

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