Remember your special moments forever with IrisGem Diamonds

Life is full of special moments.
Moments which deserve to be remembered in a very special way. And only IrisGem Diamond can perpetuate these mentions in a unique and special way.
Beyond time. Really special.

The birth of a child is one of the most important things in our lives. A moment worth to remain present forever. The IrisGem Baby diamonds are created to immortalize this special moment and make it eternal. One of the most beautiful proofs of love.
Make it special unforgettable is in your hands. Do it the most valuable way.

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To make a bond eternal, nothing better than a diamond where a part of him or her lives forever.
The You and Me - Line of IrisGem Diamond offers the possibility to create that exclusive bond, unique, eternal and full of life.

When love is special and indestructible, it needs a special and indestructible symbol. A diamond.

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They have given everything for us. Speaking of giving, they have even given us life. This is the moment to give them back something of our lives, and what better than a diamond. The perfect blend of love, gratitude and appreciation. Something so special that only a Mamma Diamond can express.

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The best way to celebrate the silver, gold or platinum wedding, is a diamond. As special as the Happy Diamond of Diamond IrisGem. Such a special celebration deserves to be remembered forever.

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We all live a special moment that deserves to be remembered forever: a birthday, coming-out, graduations, tributes, becoming a major ...

With an IrisGem diamond, you can now make that your special moment becomes a special memory.

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Our pets are part of our life. Therefore, they deserve a special memory that will last forever.
The IrisGem diamonds created from the carbon of their hair make their traces in our lives unforgettable.

The brightest way to always have them by our side.

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Memory Diamonds are created for people who need to make the best memories of their beloved ones unforgettable. Who think they have shared moments that deserve the best tribute to their memory. A life full of memories to carry with us forever.

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Similarly, using sophisticated technology, the same processes of nature are reproduced to create gems of identical properties and features.

Carbon, the source of diamonds, is widely present in the animal and plant life. It is also part of the human body in a high percentage. Specifically, it is one of the main elements that make up human hair.

IrisGem Diamond is a perfect gem created by subjecting the carbon from human hair to the same conditions as follows nature during the process of creating diamonds.

By means of this two weeks lasting process, rough IrisGem diamonds are obtained that are then sent to diamond cutters to cut and polish according to the chosen size, until a beautiful IrisGem Diamond is achieved.


Why is an IrisGem diamond so special?IrisGem diamonds are real diamonds which are formed by the same process carried out by Nature, but with a feature that makes them really special.

What is an IrisGem Diamond? IrisGem offers you the possibility to choose the source of its main component: carbon. The secret is in the human hair. Specifically in the carbon making up the human hair and which you can turn into the seed for a genuine diamond: your own diamond.


A diamond with a special warranty

In the moment when our customer demands an IrisGem Diamond, he is given a code with the following features: it is unique and allows safely identifying its origin.

The encoding is performed according to internal regulations and is printed on labels adhered to all cases, bags and small containers that accompany the hair and the IrisGem Diamond during the whole process, providing insight into product traceability throughout all stages of creation until the delivery of the IrisGem diamond.

- Guarantee of origin, which certifies the origin of the carbon used in the creation of each IrisGem Diamond.

- Gemological certificate issued by a prestigious gemological laboratory documenting its authenticity, height, weight and color.

Purchasing Process

  • Order the IRISGEM DIAMOND completing the required options.
  • Once your order is confirmed we will contact you to collect the chosen hair.
  • Production process to create the IrisGem diamond with the chosen hair.
  • Shipping of the IrisGem diamond with the corresponding certificates. Estimated delivery term: 16 to 20 weeks
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