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Irisgem Diamond

Irisgem diamonds are authentic diamonds, which follow the same process that is carried out in nature, but have a characteristic that makes them really special: you decide the origin of their fundamental component, the carbon that will give them life.

If you want to make the best moments of your life truly unforgettable, need to show your feelings in a unique and surprising way, or you consider that gratitude, admiration and respect deserve the highest value, irisgem diamonds are for you.

Irisgem is a pioneer company in Europe in the manufacture of personalized biodiamonds since 2002. Each diamond is unique and unrepeatable, created from carbon of various materials.


In nature, each diamond is the result of a long process over time, where carbon is subjected to high pressures and temperatures until it becomes one of man’s most precious jewels.

Carbon is the element from which a diamond originates, and has a wide presence in animal and plant wildlife. There is also a high percentage of carbon in the human body, especially in hair.

The Irisgem Diamond is a perfect gem that results from subjecting carbon from human hair to the same conditions that nature during the diamond creation process. Through sophisticated technology and after two weeks, man is able to reproduce real diamonds, that is, gems with identical properties and characteristics to those found in the natural environment. The resulting rough diamonds are sent to specialized cutters, who cut and polish them according to the cut chosen by the client, until obtaining a precious Irisgem Diamond.


Irisgem diamonds have a characteristic that makes them really special: the natural material from which they are made. This material belongs to samples that come from living beings, such as hair, fabrics, wood, plumage, flowers, ashes etc. With Irisgem, you choose the origin of an authentic diamond


Authenticity guarantee: from the moment the customer purchases an Irisgem diamond, it is assigned a unique code that allows its origin to be securely identified.

The coding is carried out according to internal regulations and is printed on the labels that are subsequently adhered to all the cases and small containers that first accompany the hair and then the Irisgem diamond throughout the process. Therefore, the code allows us to know the traceability of the product throughout all the phases of creating the Irisgem diamond until its delivery to the customer.

Guarantee of origin: certifies the origin of the carbon used in the creation of each diamond.

Gemological certificate: the client can request a study issued by a prestigious gemological laboratory that documents the authenticity, size, weight and color of his diamond.

Purchasing process

1st Request your Irisgem diamond by completing the required options.

2nd Once your order has been confirmed, we will contact you to send you a kit* where you will place one or more samples of biological material. You must then return the completed kit to us.

3nd After receiving the kit at our facilities, the Irisgem diamond creation process is opened and carried out from the carbon present in the samples.

4th We send you the Irisgem diamond with its corresponding certificates**.

*The kit consists of an order form, a transparent bag for biological material, a gold bag for proper packaging and an Irisgem identification label.

**The estimated delivery time is 16-20 weeks.