INSTITUTO DE MONOCRISTALES signs first  Collaboration and Licensing Agreement for Manufacturing and Sales of Lab Grown Diamonds

The Company

Instituto de Monocristales (IM) is dedicated to R&D activities since 2001 in Seville, Spain and possesses worldwide leading technology to produce Lab Grown diamonds for Gem and scientific use. The company possesses market knowledge and sales in several countries (direct and through distributors) mainly for Bio-diamonds (Pelé, etc.), but also for Gem diamonds.

The Technology

IM has demonstrated expertise in producing high quality lab grown diamonds by using production know-how owned by IM and its own patented technology for the creation of synthetic monocrystals. Likewise, IM has the capacity and the know-how to make the necessary adaptations and modificacions to Cubic Press machines to produce Lab Grown Diamonds. Both, Growth Process and Growth Cell are patented in many countries

The License

Instituto de Monocristales has signed on March 1st, 2017 the first Collaboration and Licensing Agreement with a Chinese Licensee. This Licensee is one of the 10 major diamond powder producers in China. The License includes all necessary technology, Know How and training to enable licensee to use the above mentioned production technology and process Know How to produce the Lab Grown Diamonds at its own premises in a determined time frame.