With a Baby diamond, we have found a unique way to enjoy the very special memory of the birth of our son. A true proof of love for the fruit of our union. Maria wears it set in a pendant.María and Jorge

We have been together for 35 years. 35 years loving each other like on the very first day. And this has to remain forever in the memory of our children. For our 40th anniversary we are going to have another two diamonds.Isabel and Mario

My passion is FC Santos soccer Club. I have T-Shirts, pins, posters … everything you can get. And now I have the most valuable piece: A diamond made from the grass of the football field. I always wear it. It brings me good luck.Fàbio da Silva

Thanks to the Memory Diamond, I have found a way to keep alive the memory of my beloved husband. I feel him still beside me; I have a part of him very close to me. And that makes me happy.Carmen Ruiz

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