Our company

Irisgem was created in 2001, under the name, now extinct, of the Irisgem Monocrystal Institute. Based in Spain, Irisgem is today a high-tech company, dedicated to R&D. It was born with the ambitious goal of developing a procedure for creating diamonds following the model that nature gives us: the crystallization of carbon when it is subjected to high pressure and high temperature (HPHT). The implementation of this process and others parallel and necessary to guarantee the treatment of the carbon source, as well as the growth, quality and color of the resulting diamond, were a success.

Thus, our technology is leader in the manufacture of laboratory diamonds for use in jewelry and as a scientific resource.

After our procedure was patented, in 2005 we began marketing biodiamonds, continuing to this day with our philosophy of innovation, developing new technology and processes for creating sustainable and environmentally friendly diamonds.

Irisgem is a company that knows the market of biodiamonds and has distribution and direct sales in different countries and, to a lesser extent, of jewelry diamonds.

Origin and gemological guarantee

Irisgem diamonds are an exclusive creation of Irisgem Diamond and, as unique pieces, they have all the guarantees. Our client will receive a certificate that certifies the origin of the carbon used and that is accompanied by a film of the reception and carbonization of the hair or other organic material provided for the creation of the diamond. It will also have a second guarantee, issued by a prestigious gemological laboratory, detailing the characteristics of authenticity, weight and size of the diamond obtained.


Our company has registered patents for the product and growth process of the diamond, the high-pressure and high-temperature machines, and the Irisgem diamond-making and carbon-producing process.


Irisgem has proven experience in manufacturing high-quality laboratory diamonds, using know-how patented in the technology to create synthetic gems.

Likewise, Irisgem has the capacity and set of knowledge to carry out the necessary adaptations and modifications in the preparation of cubic presses for the manufacture of laboratory diamonds. Both the growth process and the growth capsule are patented by Irisgem in many countries.


Our company, as an R&D company, makes its know-how available to other companies interested in a license and collaboration agreement for the production and sale of laboratory diamonds.

This license includes all the technology, know-how and training necessary to facilitate the licensee’s use of the various production elements for the manufacture of laboratory diamonds in their facilities in a given time.