Frequent questions

Is it possible to create a diamond with less than 1 gram of organic matter?

Yes. The minimum amount we require is 1 gram because this way we have enough reserve carbon in case of an exceptional repetition of the process. Therefore, we can accept less quantity.

Can diamonds be made from the same order with different hairs?

Yes. We extract the carbon from all the samples that we receive inside the envelope that is used.

Does the type of diamond cut influence the price?

It does not influence. If the type of cut you want does not appear in our catalogue, please contact us.

Can I order my diamond mounted in a jewel?

Yes. Tell us your idea and we will make your personalized jewel.

How can I know that my diamond is unique?

Every Irisgem Diamond created will have its own Irisgem reference engraved with a unique numbering. This code will be indicated in the guarantee of origin of your diamond.

What is laser inscription?

Our partners in the diamond cutting and polishing service offer us the possibility of engraving the date, name or phrase you want on the diamond girdle.

Is it possible to request several Irisgem diamonds in the same order? Can I take advantage of any discount?

Yes, you can receive a personalized offer if your order consists of 2 or more Irisgem Diamonds. Contact our commercial department and we will inform you about current promotions.

How do I make my purchase?

Once you have chosen the Irisgem Diamond you want in our Irisgem Kit form, confirm your order and we will contact you.

Which is the method of payment?

You can make the payment by bank transfer or through PayPal. Remember that PayPal will redirect you to its payment platform (for more information, visit You will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your order when your payment is successfully validated.

We offer you a split payment method by bank transfer, 50% to confirm the order and the remaining 50% upon delivery of the product.

The prices shown in our downloadable catalog are expressed in Euros. They are retail prices (recommended RRP) with taxes included.

If you have any questions regarding the purchase process, do not hesitate to contact us by writing to, calling 902 47 47 11 or send us a message at 619 48 53 91 (WhatsApp and Telegram) and we will be happy to help you.

When will my order arrive? How is it shipped?

After confirming your order, the delivery time for your Irisgem Kit is approximately one week.

In the exceptional case that the item you are requesting is definitely out of stock, we will inform you immediately. Our efficient team will be happy to help you choose an alternative product that suits your needs.

Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order, partially or completely, you can do so without any problem as long as it has not left our logistics warehouse. If the cancellation occurs once the order is on its way, in part or in full, a return of the products indicated will be made, provided that the receipt has been made at the address that you indicated in the purchase process.

To notify us of any change or cancellation, write an email through the contact form on the website or call us at 902 47 47 11 and we will manage it for you.