Our technology

More than 30 years of experience in the development of machinery and methods for the crystallization and processing of diamonds and other precious stones allow us to be leaders in this sector. Using our own proprietary methods and equipment, we are always prepared for cooperation with other companies, depending on their areas of activity. We also make joint facility management possible.

1. HPHT method in the growth of monocrystals of diamonds

We are dedicated to the production of monocrystal diamonds, present on the market since 2002. We have our own technology, machinery and know-how. We have our own high-pressure and high-temperature (HPHT) machines, as well as a Chinese press machine for larger crystals. Contact us if you are interested in visiting our facilities.


HPHT method in obtaining diamonds from organic materials (of which there is a very wide range) sent by customers. The process starts from the carbonization of organic matter.

3. HPHT method in the treatment of CVD crystals

This is a process to improve color performance. The chromaticity of the original Brown-LT Brown stones would turn colorless F+. In further processing also to pink, red and blue tones.

4. HPHT method in the treatment of natural diamonds

Color enhancement process of natural crystals (HPHT). We can convert your low characteristic color (brown tones) into different bright colors (yellowish and greenish in variable combination). In some cases it could become a colorless crystal. In further processing it would also turn pink, and even red. Ask us.

5. Enhancement of natural sapphires

With unique methods, without diffusion of beryllium, depending on the genesis of the stone, we achieve perfect colors by saturating the blue, including the so-called Royal Blue. Both transparency and clarity are increased. It is also possible to lower the color and even turn it into other colors. Ask us about prices and features.

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