“To enjoy the memory of the birth of our son, we chose a unique way: an Irisgem diamond. It is an authentic test of love towards the fruit of our union. Maria wears it mounted on a pendant.”

Mary and George

“We have been together for 35 years. 35 years loving each other like the first day. And that love deserves to always remain in the memory of our children. On our 40th anniversary we’ll get two more diamonds.”

Elizabeth and Mario

“The Santos Fútbol Club is my passion. I have t-shirts, badges, posters… Everything. And now I also have the most valuable piece I could imagine: a diamond from the grass I picked up on my team’s field. I always carry it. And it brings me luck.”

Fàbio da Silva

“Thanks to Irisgem I have found an unbeatable way to keep my husband’s memory alive. I feel that he is still by my side, that I have something of his very close to me. And that makes me happy.”

Carmen Ruiz